Welcome to the official site for The Todd Brand.

Who are we?

To understand what we represent you need to understand our motto Why fit in when you can stand out?!  We live by this and we pride ourselves in clothing that speaks for itself. What you will find here is The Todd Cardiac clothing line-Todd’s Visuals and much more.

Our ready to wear clothing line for men and women are surely pieces that will stand out in a crowded room. So if you have a craving for eye candy this is where it’s at.

What should you expect?

Our tertiary focus will be exposing the best boutiques in NYC giving those who want the chance to develop his/her own unique since of style. Here is where you will find a unique eye for fashion. That’s not it, be sure to check out Todd’s Visuals sharing a wide spread of Indie artist from NYC to the Bay Area. Where our contributing Video directors will share with you their latest concepts and ideas.

Mr Todd’s Blog is dedicated to every outlet of art filling your void for expression!

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